Academic Arena uses the Lost Item Portal as a medium to help people recover lost items like ID cards, International Passports, Results, Certificates, Car Particulars, Licenses, and other vital documents. We know how important these items are to you!

If you have lost an item, search our database using your name as written on the document. If you cannot find it, it means the item has not been reported to us. You can then lodge a missing item complaint and we will be on the lookout for your item. We will contact you as soon the item is reported. Meanwhile, we advise you search the website periodically for the item because we handle tones of reports. Note that while some lost items are deposited at our office, others remain in the custody of the finders. For items under our custody, you can retrieve them at any time. You can also request that they be sent to you regardless of your location. As for items not under our care, you can either request we help you retrieve it, or deal directly with the finder. However, we advise you do not deal directly with the finder, but if you must do, take necessary caution.

If you find a lost or missing item, kindly report it to us by contacting us directly to deposit the item. We will facilitate the retrieval of the item from you and notify you once the owner claims the item. Alternatively, you can keep the item with you, add the details to our website using the “Add Lost Item” button, and wait for the legitimate owner to contact you for claim. Your submitted report would be scrutinized and either published or declined usually within 24 hours. Should you intend not to display your contact details on the website, notify us when submitting details of the lost item.

How to add a lost item you have found – Easy, simple, & fast!.

1. No Account Required

You do not need to create an account to add a lost item.

2. Add Lost Item Details

Enter the details of the lost item. Ensure to provide the following information:

  • Item name (write the full name as written on the document/item you found)
  • Location (write the address of the area where you found the item)
  • Contact email (write your contact email. We can make you email invisible to the public is you so request)
  • Item Region (select the item location)
  • Item Category (You can select multiple categories as it applies to the lost item).
  • Photo of lost item (Please upload a picture of the item)
  • Additional photo of lost item (you can upload more pictures if necessary. NB: Maximum of 3)

Description (give a brief description of the lost item. Please include the following details in your description: Date, time, and specific location you found the item).

3. Submit Listing

Submit the details of the lost item to us. We will review your submission and publish the lost item details within 24 hours. Please contact us if you encounter any challenge.

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